It's been a while!

It's been so long since I've posted on this blog! So much has been happening around here I've not even been able to work on Lilly Bunns things! I just re-opened the shop after several months away. Aside from the typically busy summer, we've been undergoing some renovations around here! When we moved to Texas from South Carolina, my husband's grandparents built us a 3 room apartment on their land attached to their garage. We currently have 3 rooms at 777 square feet. As a family of three with two doggies, and house guests that never seem to know when to leave we were quickly running out of space. Our bedroom has our beds, one drum kit, lilly's toys and my desk where I make most of my Lilly Bunns products. In just a few short weeks that's all about to change! We are adding three new rooms, two bedrooms and a studio for me! We will be re-arranging the rooms to make the space more efficient! When you first walk into the house, you walk into the great room. We didn't really have room for a dining table so we nixed it and just have the living room and kitchen in one 'L' shaped room. That room will be getting more cabinets, the coolest dining table ever, and it will be the music room! What is now the bedroom will become the living room! This way I can just shut the doors to the bedrooms if I need to! I have a huge problem now,in that we have sooooo much stuff, most of which we really need, but so little space that everything looks very cluttered. I'm so excited to be getting more space and having a place for everything to go! The best part for me is that I have free reign to re-decorate pretty much however I want, and as much as our budget allows! We will be getting all new furniture. Every room is getting a new paint color, and new art. I've been collecting DIY organization ideas and will be sharing tutorials on each of this projects on the blog! I so can't wait to show off everything! :)

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