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I'm constantly amazed at things I find Etsy sellers selling.  Last night I was browsing through and found a store where all that is sold are tutorials on how to make fabric flowers.  The crazy think was, she was charging $12 per tutorial! Well, it wouldn't be so crazy I guess if I didn't know I couldn't get the same information for FREE by just doing a simple google search.  I'm not going to call anyone out, but I do want to let you know where to get for free the same info some idiot is trying to sell you!  Please don't be one of the hundreds of other idiots who have bought these tutorials!

Fabric Flowers: K Google and You Tube are really going to be your friends for this one.  There were so many great sites I'm having a hard time picking just one out.  But I've gotta give props to my girls on my SAHM of Etsy team, Jeni from Stitches By Jeni shows how to use a burn technique to make flowers over on her blog.

Crochet: Just about anything: Aside from my own crochet patterns, of course, you can look up a pattern or 100 for pretty much anything you'd ever want to make at www.crochetpatterncentral.com.  A few of my patterns are even featured over there.  I also love Youtube videos! Its a great way to brush up on you crochet skills.

Yoga Pants Tutorial by Samstermommy.blogspot.com

Baby Yoga/Lounge Pants:  OK, so maybe if you're planning on mass producing these adorable pants, you might want to buy a pattern that has multiple sizes (that you're allowed to sell from!), but if you're just going to make them for your own kid, then this is the tutorial for you.  It uses a pair of pants your child already wears as a template! Don't forget to check out the awesome list of tutorials on the left side of the page!

Pettiskirts are VERY in right now, thanks to a huge 80's flash-back we all seem to be having at the moment.  Youcanmakethis.com has an awesome list of free, and paid, tutorials on their site as well.  Check here for a great pettiskirt tutorial! I love that this one has the satin top so It's more modest.

Sewing Patterns! Google is seriously your friend for finding all sorts of great free sewing patterns.  Just do a quick search before you buy one to see if you can't find anything that you like that will work for you.

There are a few places I DO recommend you buy patterns from:

Youcanmakethis.com has a great list to choose from.

RomeoandMae: Great Patterns, and great customer service!

NoodlesandMilk: Patterns give measurements for the pieces, and she includes pattern pieces as needed.  They are REALLY great!

ScientificSeamstress: I have yet to buy a pattern from her, but I've heard rave reviews from very highly trusted sources.

Libby Lu's Boutique: A great Etsy Seller with many amazing patterns!

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