Love Sticks

I'm really loving the "Love That Sticks" campaign that KSBJ (local houston Christian radio station) has going right now.  The concept is very simple.  Put a message such as "God Loves You" on a post it, and put it up somewhere for someone else to see.  It's such a great idea to spread God's love to others.  I haven't done it yet, but I did get some post-its at hobby lobby yesterday, and I've gotten messages written on about 10 of them.

The stories that have been shared have been amazing! God really is working wonders with this! One story I heard that was especially great was that a woman had put the notes on her money.  She was being robbed at gunpoint and the man read the note on the money, immediately got teary eyed, and left the lady alone.  What a miracle! I can only hope and pray that that man went to get the help he needs.

God promises that every seed will be fruitful through him.  This is such a small seed, but I'm praying that God will continue to use them in a mighty, mighty way!!

God's message is super simple! It's I love you, I love you so much that I sent my one and only son to die for you and raised Him again so that you can have eternal life, because I, God, want a relationship with you, I want to be one with you! (John 17, and 3:16)  I serve a truly amazing God and am forever humbled that he would choose to love and forgive a sinner such as I.  I pray that you know Him and have a close relationship with Him!

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