Things Are Finally Settling Down

Praise God for all of the comfort and provision he has provided for my
little family! I never doubted for a minute He would! After all he
does love me more than the birds who He provides for, right? I'm so
glad that S and I have both been able to forgive, and keep forgiving
and make a wonderful new start. I've learned many lessons, some of
which I'll share over the coming weeks. We still covet your prayers!
And a great thanks to all who have been lifting us up to the throne!
We are blessed with the greatest family and friends!

I have finally settled into a routine that's been working for our
family. Now it's time to get Lilly Bunns Boutique back up and
running! My goal is five new listings a week--let's see if I can make
that lol. I'm thinking Fridays will be the new listings day! I will
be shipping on Mondays and Thursdays. I'm really excited about many of
the things I've got planned and hope everyone likes them! Keep an eye
out for all the great things! Lillybunnsboutique.etsy.com

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