Halloween 2010

This Halloween was quite the success for us!  The festivities began on Friday the 29th with our church's Fall Festival.  It's a great event that they hold every year.  They have tons of games and activities for the kids.  This was the first year Lilly could really do a lot, and she had a blast!  She's been asking for about a month now to dress up as Snow White.  A few times she's asked to be super girl, minie mouse, Ariel, or Belle, but almost always it's been Snow White.  So that's what we dressed her up as!   She made the most adorable Snow White EVER!

We didn't do much on Saturday, but on Sunday we went Trick-or-treating with some friends in League City.  Boy did we rack up on the candy there! Lilly was soooo cute going up to the doors and saying "Tick-or Teat". lol  She was amazed that they were just giving the candy to her!  It was also Steven's Grandparent's 51st wedding anniversary so we had dinner with them before we headed out.  It was just a great night! I love family time!

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