The Flu

YUCK! I hate the flu, but alas, it seems like I get it almost every year.  Of course this year would be no exception.  Just when I was thinking, "yeah! I didn't get sick this year!" my little angel came down with the flu, and I knew it would just be a matter of time before I got it.  Sure enough, I start showing symptoms last night.  I've got the cough, fever, headache, weakness, and aches and pains.  Oddest flu I've ever had! I've never, ever not been stuffy with the flu! All, in all, It's actually not been so bad.  I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. Lilly is completely well again, other than some residual weakness.  She keeps saying she can't walk anywhere.  This is her first time with the flu.  I'm quite certain she's not used to the weakness.

Now the odd part.  Just about a month ago, I got the noravirus, rotovirus or whatever they are calling it, stomach bug.  The one where you're not just nauseated and in the restroom, the one where you think you're dying from the crazy amount of pain.  Anyways, being sick slowed up 2 orders I got around the same time.  Now, wouldn't you know I get 3 orders, one a fairly large order, all around the time I have the flu?  One might wonder if it's a sign I should shut down, but I KNOW God wants me home, behind my sewing machine or with a glue gun or crochet hook in my hand.

Speaking of God, my youngest brother's girlfriend got saved today! He said he's been witnessing to her over the last few weeks, and tonight she went to talk to my preacher grandfather about it.  Praise the Lord!   Please keep her and him in your prayers, as she will be under attack heavily by the enemy, and he will need to be able to support her through it.  Also pray for her family, I don't believe they are Christian.

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