Think Lilly Bunns Thursday

What a great week for my shop!! I'm so blessed to have received 4 orders this week! I'm so very grateful to those who ordered!

I absolutely love selling on Etsy.  I'm honored to be a part of the handmade community.  Now, let me tell you a few reasons I absolutely LOVE handmade!  So I got an order friday, told the customer I would ship it Monday, only to come down with the flu.  I messaged her via Etsy's convo system that I wouldn't be able to ship it until the end of the week when I felt better.  Now, get this, not only did she say no problem, she asked about upgrading her order! How freaking amazing is that!?

Then I have another person ask what colors I can make binky clips out of.  I basically say any colors you want, cause I'm always wanting new ribbon.  She orders 5! Problem is, I only have 4 suspender clips, but I do have some plastic paci clips so asked if I can use one of those.  Well, she doesn't like the plastic ones, but said she has some suspender clips she's never going to use and sent them to me so I could make her clips!  ONLY in the handmade community could that happen.  And ONLY in the handmade community could you be able to not ship something cause you're sick.

I'm so incredibly blessed and appreciative of those who have been so patient with me through my battle with the flu! This one has been a real doozy!

On another note, my hubby has gone to Hawaii for the week to be the best man at his BFF's wedding, which means, I get to shut myself in and sew for the next week!! I got some pinking shears to make some cloth nursing pads.  And I'll be making a few new outfits for summer!  

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